About Us

About Farzin group companies:
Trade name: Iran Date exporter (IDE)
Established: 1992 by Anahita

project manager Mr. Poorya Abdolahiyan

Ownership: Private
Total number of employee in head office: 16 members

License issued by: Ministry of Commerce

Activity : Export & Processing
We are specialist in Dates Exporting

Iran head office

Address: Unit#E,2nd Floor No.55, Allameh Tower, North Allameh St, East Sarv St.kaj Square,Saadat-Abad Ave,Tehran, Iran.

Post code:1997855449
Telephone: (+9821) – 22365723
E-Mail: info@dateexporter.com
Web site: http://www.dateexporter.com

Bank information:
Beneficiary’s Bank: Export Development bank of Iran; Central Branch; Code 1301
In favor of: Farzin Rock Stone Trade Co.
A/C or ID No:010374136