Sayer Dates

Sayer Dates is semi-dried with moisture under 15% and is dark brown color. The dates is long in size and shelf life is approximately 18 months at room temperature. Sayer dates grows in the khozestan region. The dates is available in grades GAQ, FAQ and industrial as whole dates, in pitted or non-pitted forms, and also in chapped form. Harvesting is done at the mid October.

The grades of Sayer dates are mentioned below:

  1. Super Select maximum 70 pieces/lb
  2. Select Grade A maximum 75 pieces/lb
  3. GAQ maximum 115 pieces/lb
  4. FAQ (smaller sizes, no specific count/lb.)

Sayer Dates Grades:
The product is available in three grades of AAA, AA and A

Sayer Dates Packings:
Available regular packings are 10-12.5 kg cartons.

Sayer dates