Botany of the Dates

Dates go through 4 stages of development:

1. Chimri, or Kimi, stage- the first 17 weeks after pollination:

the dates are green, hard, and bitter containing 80% moisture and 50% sugars (glucose and fructose) by dry weight. Botany of the Dates

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2. Khalal stage- the next 6 weeks:

the dates become full grown, still hard, the color changes to yellow, orange, or red, and the sugars increase and become largely sucrose.

3. Rutab stage- the next 4 weeks:

the dates are half-ripe, they soften, turn to light brown, and some sucrose reverts to reducing sugar which continues to increase.

4. Tamar stage- the last 2 weeks:

the dates become soft and their sugars are mostly reduced.

Mazafati Dates (Mozafati Date, Bam Date) is a fresh date fruit with a moisture level between 20-25%. The moisture level depends on the harvest time, the location of cultivation and irrigation. Farmers grow this date mostly in the southern Iran provinces such as Bam and area around it like, Jiroft, Bora, and Narmashir and other areas in Kerman Province.

Mazafati Dates Fruit

The Harvest Season for the new crop is late September until Mid- October each year. So, we suggest booking your order for the new crop and to contact us in the first weeks of September.

Our Mazafati Dates customers are from all over the world from northern Europe to East Asia, Canada, and Africa. Countries such as Switzerland, Austria, India, Poland, Taiwan, Canada, South Africa, and Mauritius Island, etc.

Iran Dried Fruit Company is a  whole seller, manufacturer, and exporter of Dates, we supply below grades of Mazafati:

  1. High level of Moisture – AAA
  2. Medium level of Moisture – AA
  3. Low level of Moisture – A

To Clarify Our Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) for Mazafati dates is 1-5 Ton based on the chosen transportation form.

Packing weights, we supply are as below:

  1. High Moisture Dates: 600-650 gr each/box then in big carton (Each Carton Includes 12 boxes) weight of cartons 7.2 – 8 kg
  2. Medium Moisture Date: 520-600 gr Each/Box and then in big carton (Each Carton Includes 12 boxes) weight of cartons 6.5 – 7.2 kg
  3. Low Moisture Date:
    • 470-520 gr each/box then in big carton (Each Carton Includes 12 boxes) weight of cartons 5.6 – 6.3 kg
    • 5 kg cartons
  • other packing types could be arranged per customer`s request

Mazafati can be loaded and exported in 20 ft. and 40 ft. Refrigerator containers. For your information the loading capacity of containers:

  • 20 ft. Container: up to 19 Tons
  • 40 ft. Container: up to 25 Tons

Shelf life: One year after the production date.

Keeping condition: Users should keep Mazafati in the Refrigerator which is cool (below 5 Centigrade) and dry with proper air ventilation.

Production Time: It depends on your needed quantity. So, It can vary between 15-25 working days.

For the Specification Report of Mazafati Dates, please contact us

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