Date packaging and processing potentialities today

As far as, we have a yearly production of 950.000 tons, processing units in the country could apply about 400.000 tons. Date packaging .

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According to the statistics of the ministry of industry, only 17 certified units are working with 22630 tons of production.
And there are 3 units with 6150 tons capacity, establishment certificates and installed machineries, which have not started working yet.

121 units with establishment certificates and 444890 tons capacity are ready for producing Date juice and packaging.
According to FAO,

Subjects World Iran Iran/ world Rank
Hectares of lands
under cultivation in 1997
786.905 176.000 21% 1st
Date production in 1997(ton) 464.6120 tons 875.000 18% 1st
Date produced in 1 hectare 5897 5026 85% Egypt 1st
Export in 1996 322.129 100.000
Export revenue in 1996($) 788.370 40.000

877.000 tons of Date is produced in the country each year, which 520.000 tons is surplus and could be used in processing industries.

Sugar production of the country is about 640.000 and its consumption is 1.550.000 tons a year. Thus, 900.000 tons of sugar should be imported each year.

Date surplus production could be processed to 312.000 tons of liquid sugar (date liquid or Date juice), and this is as much as one third of the imported sugar.

Producing a kg Date liquid has 1400 Rails expenditure and 1 kg sugar is sold 2200 Rails without transportation cost.
1 ton of imported sugar costs 290 $ (1750 Rails per dollar) and 1 ton of Date liquid is 500-600 $ in the world market.
Hence, summing each ton as 500 $, we would save 56 million dollars.

Date liquid could be used in making sweets, beverages, ice cream, chocolate, and etc.

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