Watering & Irrigating


Date trees take as much water as a willow tree, yet they cannot tolerate rain or humidity. That’s why dates have to be grown in the hot desert, where our average rainfall is less then 3 inches per year, and our summer temperatures reach in excess of 120 degrees.


The ground around the date trees has to be kept clear of grass and weeds which cause humidity. Special “borders” are built up around the trees in order to flood irrigate and contain the water at the root of the tree.

This special border dicker scoops up the sand and forms a border around the date trees.

These borders keep the water where it is needed, at the root of the date trees. Each tree requires approximately nine acre-feet of water per year, but only at its roots!
You could think of it as someone who likes to wade in the water, but doesn’t want to get their hair wet!

The borders help conserve water and eliminate grass and weeds throughout the grove.